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Dirk Popielas
Managing Partner

Actuary (DAV)

Dirk has 30 years of experience in life and pension insurance. He was Managing Partner and CIO of a life insurance run-off platform in Germany, 15 years as Managing Director in insurance asset management and investment banking at Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan and Natixis, and CEO Germany of Sedgwick Noble Lowndes and Mercer.

Dr. Thomas Bloch
Managing Partner

Thomas has 15 years of experience in financial services with focus on corporate finance/M&A as well as wealth and asset management. Most recently, he spent six years as Co-CEO and CFO of a digital wealth manager, and before that eight years in investment banking at J.P. Morgan.

Michael Kutzer
Chief Actuarial and Risk Officer

Actuary (DAV)

Michael has 18 years of experience in life and financial reinsurance. Most recently, he was the Head of Germany for SCOR Global Life. Before that he set up the pension reinsurance business for Munich Re in the UK.

Linda Queck
Investment Manager

Linda worked for three years in asset management at Goldman Sachs. She covered large pension and insurance clients across asset classes, portfolio structuring and implementation, and worked on strategic client projects with the investment banking team.

Dr. Wolfgang Zauner

Wolfgang has 26 years of experience in corporate banking with focus on global client relationship management and business development in capital markets, structured finance and asset management. Most recently, he was active as Co-Founder and Investor in the FinTech space, and before that 20 years in corporate and investment banking at J.P. Morgan and Bank of America in London, New York and Frankfurt.

Senior Advisors

Dr. Wolf Becke
Chairman of the Advisory Board
Wolf was CEO of Hannover Life Re, and Executive Board member of the Hannover Re Group for 20 years, and has over 30 years of experience in life and health reinsurance internationally. He is a Board member and advisor to several international life and reinsurance companies.

Joachim Menke
Vice Chairman of the Advisory Board
Joachim is the chief representative of the Duke of Croÿ and his family, and Managing Director of the Duke of Croÿ’s administration. He held executive and senior management positions in the agriculture trade, logistics and industry with Agravis, Champagne Céreales and Deutsche Cargill.

Hans D. Ohlrogge
Member of the Advisory Board
Hans was CEO of IBM Pensionskasse and IBM Pensionsfonds, and for 20 years an Executive Board member of all IBM pension corporations in Germany. Previously, he held several senior management positions at IBM, including Head of Internal Audit Central Europe and Chief of Staff Treasury Germany. He is a Board member and advisor to several companies and organisations.

Kai Kaufhold
Member of the Advisory Board, Actuary (DAV)
Kai is Partner and Head of Longevity & Prediction Consulting at NMG Consulting, a specialist consulting firm in insurance, reinsurance and asset management worldwide. Previously he was founder and Managing Director of Ad Res Advanced Reinsurance Services.

Tanja Gharavi
Advisor, Asset Management
Tanja was CIO and Executive Board member of Hamburger Pensionsverwaltung and several pension funds including Hamburger Pensionskasse and Hamburger Pensionsrückdeckungskasse. She has 35 years of experience in institutional asset management.

“Our solution to allow for the full and final release of defined benefit pension obligations shall always be implemented in a way that safeguards the interests of both the pensioners and the former employer. Thus, former employees must be able to continue to fully rely on their corporate pensions as an important part of their overall retirement planning.”
Dirk Popielas, Managing Partner DBR Holding